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Psychic Readings

by JennyRenny


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Love and light always!



Conception Reading - $10.00 CAD

This reading includes the month of conception/BFP, gender and EDD/date of birth.


Conception Reading (UPDATE) - $5.00 CAD

This is an option if you have previously had a conception reading from me and are looking for an UPDATE. (This could be because of a miscarriage, the time frame for your prediction has passed, or you are in the predicted cycle from a reading done months ago and would like to know if the same information is still shown.) You will have to attach your previous reading by adding it to the "other info" section of the form you submit.


Birth Reading - $10.00 CAD

This reading is done only after a pregnancy has been confirmed. Information such as gender, birth date, birth weight, details of labour and delivery are included.


3 Questions Reading - $25.00 CAD

Here is your opportunity to have some insight into three specific questions that have been on your mind. Specific questions pertaining to legal, finances, health, career, travel, home and relationships. (Please use the reading requests for conception and birth below).


6 Month Tarot Reading - $60.00 CAD

This reading is a more in depth look at your life over the next 6 months. Topics such as finances, health, career, travel, home and relationships can all be covered as it pertains to the coming months.


Disclaimer: These readings are for entertainment purposes only. Do not take the information provided in this reading over the advice of your doctor(s).